Wednesday, December 19, 2007

It's Biggest Loser Time!

We are thinking of starting the "Biggest Loser" Competition in the department again for anyone who is interested. It has been proposed to do a couples competition this year, since that is what they are doing this season. This offer extends to everyone in Radiology and is not exclusive to x-ray.

Official Rules:
· January 2nd-Official Weigh In
· $10 initial fee
· $5 per week from lowest couple
· Each team will be drawn randomly
· After the first 5 weeks of couples competition, partnerships will be redrawn with the option
of a “white elephant” style draw, i.e. steal someone else’s partner or draw your own, and
couples competition will resume with your new partner until March 17th
· After March 17th, the top 3 couples will enter into individual competition, and the winner
will receive the entire pot of money
· Final weigh in will be April 1st
· Partners will be male/female or female/female, no male/male partnerships!

Come sign up in the control room!