Wednesday, March 26, 2008

EXCLUSIVE photos - Enquiring minds want to know !

George did state in a comment on the blog about Derron wearing Brian's lead apron about some photos that may or may not exist with him in some similar compromising situations wearing someone's lead as well. I have obtained these EXCLUSIVE photos from TMZ. Take a look below !

George is bring sexy back ! ha ha

New Positron Emission Tomography/ CT

Positon Emission Tomography
The new PET/CT Scanner is up and running, and is pretty cool, I must say. It is at the 400 East Campus located between the MRI Suite and the Radiology Front Office. If you haven't seen it, you should go check it out sometime, or just look below at the photos !
Things like FDG-18, Decay, Half-life, Radionucleide, Robidium 82, Subsets, Hybrid Imaging, Fusion, Electron Positron Annihilation, and 511 kEv are going on over there. Einstein type stuff. Ask a Nuc tech to explain all of this mumbo jumbo !

Annihalation of a Positron and electron forms 2 gamma Rays that travel 90 degrees apart at about 511 kEv - WOW ! She Blinded me with Science !They have 2 new deluxe injection chairs for patient comfortNuclear Medicine Techs are learning how to operate their new equipment

Norm looks a little confused !

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Have you cleaned your lead lately?

...cause you might just want to!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dr. Haesemeyer gives up on Alma Mater

As we start into March Madness, we have found out that Dr. Haesemeyer has given up on his Jayhawks! We found his usual KU spirits were not so high!

We saw his car was even flying a Portland State Viking flag.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Student Randomness

Sorry Mary Kris, but since you left your jacket here, Justin had to show us his imfamous "Magnum Steel" runway pose !
I don't think that Flippy is a fan of Magnum Steel
Jim forgot to put his marker on the film, so we sat him down in his personal "time-out" chair.

Brian's Pot Luck Lunch

Heather did a GREAT job decorating the department with some of the photo ops we had of Brian
Brians favorite type of cake - "Butt" cake, of course...................Lovingly made by Jennifer Bringhurst.
Jayme Looks on as Brian prepares to dive into the cake ! Our new Barium Boy !
Brian has a look of disgust on his face, probably since Heather has all of the weiners on her plate.

It was a fun day, and we are glad that Brian passed his board exam !

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Light my fire

After all you daytimers left yesterday, our department was filled with excitement. The fire alarm sounded and a code red was announced; in CT room 2. We of course thought it wasn't real, but then the smell came. Susanne suuggested a 'scratch and sniff' for this post, I'm still working on a widget that can do that;) There apparently was a real fire, well, real smoke. One of the generators had started smoking. Austin says it was pink, you'll have to ask him. Even the fire department showed up to the party to try to get rid of the awful smell.

The scene of the crime
Thanks for coming to help!
Discussing options of what to do now: 'Wanna go down for a soda?'
The culprit, where's the pink smoke? Special Operations fire truck!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Pot Luck Lunch

There will be a pot luck lunch for Brian on Monday, March 10th during lunch. Please bring lots of yummy treats so we can all enjoy great food and good company!


Join Us For A Baby Shower For
Kristen Demas
Baby Girl Lauren
Monday, March 10, 2008
4:30pm to 6:30pm
Susanne Green's House
3 South 2300 East
St. George, UT 84790
(See link below for map)
Registered at Target,37.096267,-113.557141&saddr=1380+East+Medical+Center+Drive,+UT+84790&daddr=37.096059,-113.552971+to:3+South+2300+East,+St.+George,+UT+84790&mra=dme&mrcr=0&mrsp=1&sz=14&via=1&sll=37.099277,-113.534946&sspn=0.032449,0.05785&ie=UTF8&ll=37.10222,-113.543401&spn=0.016224,0.028925&z=15