Sunday, December 23, 2007

Radiology Dept. Christmas Party!

What a fun Christmas party! The food was great, company(so-so just kidding) we had a great turn out, and the presents well they speak for themselves.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Ice Cream Cake from US

This was an ice cream cake that the Ultrasound Department brought in for Thursday's treat day. It was good. I like cake. Cake is good. Bye.

Pictures of X-Ray Christmas Past

The Ghost of Gregg the Elf's Past!!!

I could type something "immatur-ish" here, but I will leave that up to Brian, ha ha

Thursday, December 20, 2007

G.N.O (DUH, Girls Night Out!!!)

Hear ye, Hear ye. We are sending out a decree for all who are interested in a G.N.O (Brian and Jason are excluded, but you can go on your monthly date by yourselves if you want. The music, the moonlight and the stars would be a perfect date atmosphere.) that we would like to go to Colbie Calliat at Tuacahn on April 4th at 8pm. The tickets are between 19.50 - 25.50. We need to know how many people actually want to go and you have to be absolutely sure you can go because we need to buy the tickets at the same time so that we can sit by each other. Leave a comment and let us know if anyone is interested.

Mary Jo's Christmas Dreams

I wonder if Mary Jo is dreaming of Sugar Plums and Candy canes??


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

"White Elephant"

The Radiology Christmas Party is finally here! Don't forget your white elephant gift for the exchange game.

I thought that I would post a few pictures from the Christmas Party 3 years ago to get you all in the White Elephant mood. Our department parties are always a blast and this year Kourtney has gone to a lot of work to plan a fun party for us all. See you tonight.

It's Biggest Loser Time!

We are thinking of starting the "Biggest Loser" Competition in the department again for anyone who is interested. It has been proposed to do a couples competition this year, since that is what they are doing this season. This offer extends to everyone in Radiology and is not exclusive to x-ray.

Official Rules:
· January 2nd-Official Weigh In
· $10 initial fee
· $5 per week from lowest couple
· Each team will be drawn randomly
· After the first 5 weeks of couples competition, partnerships will be redrawn with the option
of a “white elephant” style draw, i.e. steal someone else’s partner or draw your own, and
couples competition will resume with your new partner until March 17th
· After March 17th, the top 3 couples will enter into individual competition, and the winner
will receive the entire pot of money
· Final weigh in will be April 1st
· Partners will be male/female or female/female, no male/male partnerships!

Come sign up in the control room!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Remember-Don't give healthy treats this time of year

Just a reminder for the last few days of "treats" in the department. Don't upset the cookie monster !!

Crazy Christmas Misfortune(as told by Kourtney)

So this morning when I came down from the OR, I went into the lounge to check on the treat situation. There were some random plates of goodies on the table and a mug with pretzels in it. Now who doesn't love pretzels dipped in caramel and chocolate? So I thought, YUM! just what I need. I took a pretzel, loved it, and went on with my day. Later I was back in the lounge(yes I was in there a lot this morning!) and Brian says, "Did you hear what happened to Shelby?" He then precedes to tell the story of how someone ate the pretzels she had brought to give as a gift to someone else! Well to say the least I was horrified! I bolted from the room to find Shelby. She was in the ER and started laughing when I started apologizing for eating her present! Wait... it gets better. So Shelby then explains that she had brought the gift last night, wrapped in a bag with ribbon and tissue paper and had left it near the contrast warmer. So now I am feeling a little less humiliated because I didn't unwrap it! Then she says there was another pack of pretzels that were missing also! So yes, you may all laugh at my expense because I have been laughing about it all morning, it is quite the story!

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Just a few updates on the happenings of the Radiology Department....

Today is the 6th day of the Twelve Days of Christmas, and the treats have been wonderful so far. Thanks to all those who volunteered to bring the yummy Christmas goodies.

The new lockers, located in the control room, are ready and available for your purse/fanny pack holding pleasure. Please remember that they are to be used for the day only. Subsequently, the linen cart has been moved across the hall in the alcove next to the scheduling office.

The all-lock release button in the ER Rad room has been sticking, so the tube floats when it is in place. Therefore, it is taped onto the wall by the console. We believe Walter has already informed GE of this problem. If you know that it hasn't been reported, please take the necessary steps to rectify the unfortunate situation.
Our latest addition to the department is the new computer in the ER Rad room! This will help when you need to change an order quickly before the radiologists read it. Please remember: log off of tandem to protect patient confidentiality, and NO surfing for websites that will get you a RED WALL!!!
Some other reminders:

*Please only scan one document and write the other accession numbers and number of films turned in on one paper when paxing multiple exams

*There will be no department meeting for the month of December due to the department party

*Do not forget the department Christmas party on December 20th at 6:30 at Stoneridge Clubhouse. There are maps printed on the birthday bulletin board if you would like a copy. Don't forget to bring the food if you have signed up--there are still available options if you would like to help contribute. Also, bring a white elephant gift for a FUN exchange! (Yes Keith, you can bring the blow-up doll!)

*Remember--the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!

We would like to thank everyone who has helped decorate our department, especially Shaun, our personal interior designer. It looks fabulous and has helped us all get into the holiday spirit!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

12 Days of Christmas has Begun

Today was day ONE of our 12 Days of Christmas Treats!! Yea, It was great. Nanette brought in bread and Shelby brought in butter and jam!

I'm sure we will all gain a few pounds!