Thursday, December 20, 2007

G.N.O (DUH, Girls Night Out!!!)

Hear ye, Hear ye. We are sending out a decree for all who are interested in a G.N.O (Brian and Jason are excluded, but you can go on your monthly date by yourselves if you want. The music, the moonlight and the stars would be a perfect date atmosphere.) that we would like to go to Colbie Calliat at Tuacahn on April 4th at 8pm. The tickets are between 19.50 - 25.50. We need to know how many people actually want to go and you have to be absolutely sure you can go because we need to buy the tickets at the same time so that we can sit by each other. Leave a comment and let us know if anyone is interested.


Aimee said...

That'd be a YES for me

Mary Jo said...

That would be a yes for me also-Maryjo

Jessica said...

Heck yes I want to go but maybe Brian and Jason can go if they wear something feminine? I want to good seats if we go to so lets say the 25 dollar ones?