Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Light my fire

After all you daytimers left yesterday, our department was filled with excitement. The fire alarm sounded and a code red was announced; in CT room 2. We of course thought it wasn't real, but then the smell came. Susanne suuggested a 'scratch and sniff' for this post, I'm still working on a widget that can do that;) There apparently was a real fire, well, real smoke. One of the generators had started smoking. Austin says it was pink, you'll have to ask him. Even the fire department showed up to the party to try to get rid of the awful smell.

The scene of the crime
Thanks for coming to help!
Discussing options of what to do now: 'Wanna go down for a soda?'
The culprit, where's the pink smoke? Special Operations fire truck!


Shelby said...

Wow, I had no idea that this happened and I missed all the excitement! I am glad that everything turned out ok.

Chelsea Johnson said...

Ha ha ha! It was pretty fun and exciting! Glad you had the camera handy for this awesome blogging opportunity!