Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Kelli's Baby Shower!

Kelli: a new mom-to-be!

A big thanks for everybody involved in putting on a great baby shower for Kelli on Jan. 15th! We all had a lot of fun and Kelli got some cute gifts that were much needed for her and Dr.Foster's up comping baby girl! (Which is due Jan. 18th) Kelli looked great and gorgeous as ever! All the treats were great, and even the strict dieters even had a "taste" to celebrate the event on Tuesday. Kelli got lots of clothes and accessories, blankets, toys, and other baby items that were so adorable. Kelli is very ready for her little girl to come. A name that is in the works is "Charly". which is the only name that her and her husband can both agree on. I am sure we all will not have to wait long to hear what they decide on. We all wish her and the baby the best!

Kelli, congrats on the upcoming addition to your family!

All that food looks REALLY good when half the department is on a diet!

That swimsuit was so cute!