Friday, January 11, 2008

Biggest Loser: Week 1

With today's weigh-in, the Biggest Loser Competition is officialy in full-swing! The morale of the department has been a little low, due to that lack of treats for the non-dieters, and the lack of food in general for the dieters. Nanette's life has been threatened if she doesn't bring in some yummy snacks; not once, but TWICE! She has been called a saboteur(by Jason) when she does bring anything, and has definitely been taking the brunt of all the grumpy attitudes. We really appreciate her for all the encouragement she gives us, and for the record keeping and tabulating she has been doing for the competition. Everyone did really well and we're looking forward to the upcoming weigh-ins and competition! Here are the results:
1. Susanne and Shayne-10.09%
2.Heather and Jason- 9.14%
3.Chelsea and MaryJo- 8.18%
4.Tonya and John- 7.87%
5.Brittney and Brian- 7.17%
6.Jennifer and Tiffiny- 5.51%
7.Jodie and Brock- 4.86%
8.Jessica and Chad- 3.94%
9Shelby and Max- 3.39%

1. Jason 6.25
2. Brian 5.6
3. Chelsea 5.55
4. Susanne 5.26
5. Tonya 5.02
6. Shayne 4.83
7. Jennifer 3.12
8. Jodie 2.95
9. Max 2.94
11. John 2.85
12. Chad 2.82
13.MaryJo 2.63
14. Tiffiny 2.39
15. Brock 1.91
16. Britt 1.57
17. Jessica 1.12
18. Shelby .45


Shelby said...

I would like to say sorry to my partner, I will make up for it in the end! Promise! Everybody did great and I am very impressed with the results. Everybody has been a great support!

Stevenson Stories said...

Wow! Ya'll are doing so great and I wish I had the motivation like the rest of ya. Keep up the good work and I am cheering for you all!