Thursday, April 17, 2008

Surprise !! It's Heather's Birthday

The day was April 17, 1974. Heather Parker enters the world (probably snorting, rather than crying). Will the Planet ever be the same? I think not !

We all met at a park by Heather's house tonight and Ryan told Heather that he was taking her to dinner with their kids for her birthday. She said that she was totally surprised and had no idea that we all would be waiting to celebrate her birthday with her at the park. It was great to see so many friends have fun and eat and laugh. Thanks to all who were able to come and bring so much delicious food and drink.

We even had one of St. George's finest show up, and with some help from Brittney and Charity, they captured a muskrat.

We all hope that you had a great time Heather !! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!